NEVER Have To Do Keyword Research Again....

...Attention all frustrated newbies & novice internet marketers (or anyone who hates doing keyword research)....


..."Are you a newbie starting out, or a struggling novice who are fed up with those keyword tools where you have to watch a dozen tutorial videos…..and then read a 100 page manual, just to try to figure out the basics?"....


...."And does your frustration with these other keyword tools really boil over when you know you have to spend even more time trying to figure out those mind-numbing columns of keyword data?"

...If you answered 'YES' to any one of those.....then keep reading, because this is..... DEFINITELY FOR YOU.




If you’re an SEO ‘geek’, a keyword research professional.... or anyone whose loves spending hours trolling through columns of keyword data that all those other keyword tools spit out, then I'm sorry, because this is NOT FOR YOU, so you really don't need to read any further.





Dear Frustrated Marketer,


Now, you've got a chance to own a keyword tool that can automatically research hundreds of keywords and generate a list of the most perfect keywords already categorized into their money making potential..... all done for you in just 10 minutes using only 8 clicks of the mouse.


It sounds like a dream doesn't it....


......a keyword tool where YOU DON'T have to DO ANY KEYWORD Research or analyse Columns OF keyword data.




......a keyword tool that AUTOMATICALLY does all the hard keyword analysis work for you.


But it's not a dream at all..


It's real..... it's here.....and it's available to you now!


This is THE Next generation in keyword

 tool technology Built For Newbies & Novices .....


....Now You're guaranteed To Always Find the perfect 'money making' keywords EVERY time....



I’m not going to beat around the bush here when I say…

Doing 'traditional' keyword research Is now obsolete... 

I Am 100% Confident That 'Money Keyword Finder' IS The Single Most Powerful Automated Keyword Research On The Market.

I should know – because I’m the guy who created it.


Allow me to introduce myself….

 My name is Glen Hooke, and I'd like to quickly take 20 seconds to tell you how this one of kind software was developed...

You may have even had the same bad experience as this...


12 years ago when I first started online, I had to do some keyword research for the first website I was building.


I bought this keyword tool (I can't remember the name of it now) and when I opened it up to use for the first time, I was dumbfounded......


I put my first keyword into the software, and out came 12 columns of gibberish (At least that's what I thought it was back then).


Of course I had no clue what all that 'data' meant.


So then I had to resort to try reading the 150 page manual (all written in 10 point type) that came with the software (videos weren't popular for tutorials back then)


That manual was also full of more written gibberish which was trying to explain the other keyword data gibberish that was on my computer screen.


After two more hours trying to read and understand this 'manual', I somehow ended up with a batch of keywords.


But I really didn't know how good the keywords were that I'd chosen. 


It was all so overwhelming... and damn frustrating.


To cut  along story short, I went to bed that night after 6 hours trying to figure all this out.... with no keyword list....and with a monumental headache.


It was then I decided,....enough's, enough....there had to be an easier way to do keyword research that this


So I started studying search engine algorithms, (kinda nerdy, I know, but that’s what I vowed to do).

Then, one morning…a light-bulb went on, a flash of inspiration hit me....I'd hit upon the answer....... and 'Money Keyword Finder' was born.....


Money Keyword Finder: 

The Fastest, Easiest Way To Find Profitable ‘MONEY’ Keywords… in Minutes!




Money Keyword Finder Does All The Work For You!


As I said, when I developed 'Money Keyword Finder', the first thing that was on top of the priority list had to be simple and easy to use.


Because – if you’re like most novice and newbie marketers -- you don’t care about graphs, reports, figures, confusing equations or comparative statistical analysis data.


You don't have the time to go through all that.


All you care about is.....


....getting accurate results, making sales and getting money in the bank as soon as you can.


That's all!


So what I did was… create a keyword research software that ‘thinks’ like a search engine. It analyzes the search volume, competition, and dozens of other factors (more on that in a minute).


With all this complex analysis being done in the background.


So all you see is a simple, easy-to-understand, user interface that leads you step-by-step taking you by the hand every step of the way.


(if fact when I was developing the software, just to be 100% sure 'Money Keyword Finder' was totally dead-easy to use, I had my 13 year old niece using the software, and she was pumping out a keyword blueprint after just a few minutes. (No videos, just 2 minutes of instruction from me)


Simply type in one general phrase (like “water heaters”), then click your mouse and total of 7 more times....


and within a few minutes you’ve got hundreds  of keywords, all organized into a keyword blueprint, and displayed into their four easy-to-understand 'money making' potential categories, just like this....


Here's a couple of examples of what a 'Money Keyword Blueprint' looks like...





All The Keyword Research Is Done For You Within 6 Minutes and Eight Mouse Clicks!


It’s just four simple steps.


Each step has just a click or two.


That’s it. No thinking… no hours wasted on so called “research” that falls flat.


Just point and shoot.


Money Keyword Finder does all the work for you.... collects hundreds of highly related keywords, gives you the monthly search volume, analyzes the top competitors for that keyword, and then organizes them into four easy categories.


There’s no wondering what to do next.


Just follow the recommendations, create content around the “money” keywords and watch the traffic start rolling in…


Let me quickly show you how easy 'Money Keyword Finder' is to use.





Watch this video and see me generate a keyword Blueprint in under 6 minutes




Here are a few 'real' comments from average 'Money Keyword Finder' users.....


"...I was virtually over the moon, I had found the Rolls Royce of keyword research.

I have been using the Money Keyword Finder for some weeks now, and I must say it's the
best I've ever used.

I have tried lot's of Keyword Research Tools...even Micro Niche Finder, however since Google has changed things, none of them worked anymore, until I came across the Money Keyword Finder.

This little software is a little beauty. I was virtually over the moon, I had found the Rolls Royce of keyword research tools. It finds tons of keywords for you then shows you which are going to be good for you to use with little or no competition.

I would not hesitate in recommending Money Keyword Finder to any internet marketer if they want the best in Keyword research.

Thanks Glen for developing such a wonderful tool


 Len Cecchetto - Queensland



"....much better results and a lot more traffic"

"Thank you for the Money Keyword Software. I'm happy to give you my opinion. I've been using it for four months now, and what I've found is that it's so easy now to pick the keywords I want to write my article on. And those articles are bringing me much better results and a lot more traffic than I used to get before when I was using wordtracker to research and figure out my keywords.

Alison Olsen


"'s definitely been more profitable for me"

"I think before I was just picking the wrong keywords to write article on because I couldn't work out the numbers. That's all I can put it down to. Since letting your software tell me what the best keywords are to write my articles on, it's made it so much easier, and it's definitely been more profitable for me.


Grahame Hawkins


" ....I soon found the good from the bad"

"Over time I had been gathering thousands keywords on different niches I wanted to tackle, but I didn't know if they were good keywords or not. With Money Keyword Finder, I just plugged in all my keywords, and I soon found out the good from the bad. Now I can go ahead and I know which keywords to focus on. Great idea with the software. And it's easy"

Diana Grover


"  ....a keyword tool that's easy to use, and has features the others don't"

" Thanks for letting me beta test Money Keyword Finder for the last 4 months. I'm delighted that someone has come up with a keyword tool that easy to use, and has features the others don't. . I could never get my head around the all the figures that were pumped out by likes of wordtracker and keyword elite.. The ideas you have put in your software just make it so easy to research keywords

I'd highly recommend this software to anyone like me who hates working with numbers.

Brian Renford



Import Keyword Lists From ANY Other Keyword Tool… In Seconds!


This is MASSIVE!


'Money Keyword Finder' is the ONLY keyword tool that allow you to import any keyword list you might already have saved.




It doesn’t matter which one of those other keyword tools you’re currently using


… with 'Money Keyword Finder' you can simply import your existing keywords lists straight into the software..


 .....hit ONE button, and then your keywords are analyzed and filtered out using it's  unique algorithm.


Then BAM… your presented with a fully categorized 'money keyword' blueprint in 6 minutes.



No matter how many keywords you have…. 'Money Keyword Finder' does the ‘heavy lifting’ for you.


If you’ve used other keyword tools, then you'll know none of them allow you to do this!


But now you can, with the click of a couple of buttons.





Watch This Video and See Me Import a Keyword List...Get The Keywords Analyzed and Categorized, and Have a 'Money Keyword' Blueprint Generated.... All In Less Than 6 Minutes ....





So, now you’re probably wondering…



OK, Glen… How Does Money Keyword Finder Work? What Does It Analyze… And Why Can I Trust It?



It wasn’t easy, believe me. With the help of another programmer, it took me a year and a half to complete my algorithm. I spent every waking moment testing and retesting it… until the results spoke for themselves.


And then I tested and refined it even more.


Like any software engineer, I shared it with a number of beta testers who offered their suggestions.


I hammered out the details… and rewrote the algorithm until it was near perfect.


I say “near” because it doesn’t just hand you all the keywords with the press of a button.


But I’m sure you’ll agree – eight mouse clicks is pretty close to perfect.


And while other marketers waste hours and days…comparing keywords (when they should be creating content and making money) your keywords are ready to go in under ten minute.


Now, I must be honest with you.


I cannot tell you exactly 'how' Money Keyword Finder analyzes the keywords. If I did, some less-than-honest programmer could rip-off my algorithm.


And if they did, it would compromise the system. Suddenly everyone would have this advantage… which means NO ONE would.


Google is the same way. If they ever revealed their algorithm, everyone would “game” the system and they’d be out of business.


So I cannot tell you everything. But I can show you some of the factors Money Keyword Finder uses to determine the value of a keyword:



Here’s What Money Keyword Finder Analyzes With The Click of a Button:


          Searches per day / month Money Keyword Finder calculates the 'average' daily searches to determine average monthly searches for a keyword.

          Strength of competition factors Money Keyword Finder analyzes the top 100 websites in ‘the Google index to determine the percentage of sites that use the exact phase match of the keyword term on that indexed page.

          Adwords competitive data – Money Keyword Finder analyzes the total daily traffic that advertisers  in the top 4  positions, bidding on a keyword, are likely to receive.

          Page Rank analysis – Money Keyword Finder compares the PageRank of the top 100 websites in Google for the search term.

          Commercial Intent ratios  - Money Keyword Finder analyzes the online commercial intent of each keyword and separates “buying” keywords from “information” keywords. Obviously, you don’t want to waste your time chasing the ‘tire kickers’… Money Keyword Finder  lets you hone in on buying keywords with zero extra work or reports.

          Backlink anchor text analysis – Money Keyword Finder analyzes the top 200 Google listings for the exact matched keyword phrase and determines the number of back links and the keywords used as anchor text to link back to that site.

          Phrase match to broad match ratios - Money Keyword Finder analyzes what percentage of Broad Match searches were carried out compared with Phrase Match searches for a keyword or keyword phrase

          Exact match to broad match ratios - Money Keyword Finder analyzes what percentage of Broad Match searches were carried out compared with Exact  Match searches for a keyword or keyword phrase.

  Plus many more…


And all that analysis is done by the software, in the background, in mere minutes, without you even knowing it's happening.


Now you might be thinking…



But How Do I Know This Will Work For My Market/Product/Website?


Good question… and easy to answer.


Because no matter what market you’re in…  keyword research is the same.


Whether it’s health, finance or travel… all you want to get are the most relevant 'money' keywords that will be the easiest to RANK for.


It's as simple as that!


Here's a simple example:


Let’s say you’re in the “acne treatment” niche… so naturally you’ll want to target keywords that will give you the best opportunity to rank highly for.




If you look at the 'Money Keyword Blueprint' above, trying to rank for “acne best treatments”  is going to be a real tough ask, but trying to rank for “home remedies for acne" will be piece of cake.


Of course that's a very simplistic example. The whole process is so much more sophisticated than that, but you get the idea.



Here’s Just A Taste of What Else


 'Money Keyword Finder' Can Do For




  • Locate the most profitable affiliate programs from Clickbank, Amazon, eBay, PayDotCom and Associated Programs… in just one click!

  • Automatically separate easy keywords from more difficult terms (so you’ll know right away which keywords will make you money… and which ones are a complete waste of time!)

  • Easily save all your past searches, organize them into groups, and combine them with one mouse click

  • Follow a simple, step-by-step process to make money in record time… just start with keywords in the Excellent column… move on to Good… then Fair… and you’re on the way to ranking for dozens of BUYING keywords!

  • Quickly filter your results by specific keywords to discover profitable sub-niches.

  • Find relevant articles from Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Dashboard, Buzzle and many more… with one mouse click

  • Search for relevant Blogs, Podcasts and Forums in one click (I recommend searching for them, then creating a Google Alert for each to stay in touch with the market. This simple tactic can explode your traffic and backlinks almost overnight!)

  • Use the fastest keyword tool on the market. Create a keyword list with hundreds of keywords - with search volumes - then analyze competition for each keyword against the top 200 competing websites… in under 10 minutes.

  • Export results to Excel or CSV with the click of a button

As you can see, there are many, many things Money Keyword Finder can do for you. And the best part is… there’s no “work” on your part (except a few mouse clicks of course)

The algorithm handles the workload for you… so you can focus on creating content and making money.


A Content Creators DREAM


 Come True!


'Money Keyword Finder' Is So Much More Than Just Another 'Keyword Tool'..... Because It Contains Powerful Functions That Makes All Your Affiliate Marketing and Content Creation a Total.....'No-Brainer!

Money Keyword Finder saves you HUNDREDS of hours of work in ‘content creation’ by giving you direct sources to content information you can work off, which means you can get all your content creation done faster than you could have ever imagined!


With just few click of your mouse, 'Money Keyword Finder' will also......

1... Search the major Affiliate Networks like 'Clickbank', 'Amazon', 'EBay' PayDotCom,  and Associate Programs, and show you what affiliate products are available to you based on your 'money keywords'.



2... Search Relevant Web Pages YouTube for all the video related to your keyword.  Yahoo; Bing; Google for all the web pages related to your money keywords.



3... Search the major Article Directories for all the best articles based on your money keywords.



4... Search all the Blogs, Forums, Podcast Directories and Wikipedia for topics related to your money keywords.






Watch This Video and I'll Show You How

 Easy It Is To Quickly Search and Find ALL

 The Content You'll Ever Need.




Of course, these are just a few ways 'Money Keyword Finder' can help you to make money. There are many, many more possibilities…

 So now, lets’ just see what 'Money Keyword Finder' can do compared to all those other keyword tools out  there, by having a good old….……..



Why Money Keyword Finder Is So Much More Than Just a Keyword Tool.

It's Unlike
ANY Keyword Tool You’ve EVER Seen!


Money Keyword Finder Other Keyword Tools
Keyword research done In ten minuets and in eight clicks of your Hours of research (maybe longer)
Returns HUNDREDS Of Keywords In A Few Minutes Slow load time. Slow analysis. Erratic performance
Everything  Done For You - Automated Keyword analysis Multiple column reports to figure out. Difficult to understand and easy to make errors.
Easy To Understand  - Get started in 2 minutes - No complicated manuals to read or epic videos to watch ..EVER Information overload - Hours of study to learn the basics
Filter Results With ONE CLICK Difficult to filter keywords.
Mix And Match Unique Projects With ONE CLICK group together all your keywords related to a specific these theme. Cannot combine projects. If you can it's difficult
Easily import keywords from ALL other keyword tools. Or import your own keyword lists for automated analysis. all done in 2 minutes Difficulty importing your own keyword list. If at all.
Search keywords in any language. enter keywords in the language of your country, and MKF returns the results. NO
Search the major affiliate networks like 'Clickbank', 'Amazon', 'EBay' and PayDotCom, and tell you how many affiliate products are available to you based on your 'money keywords' NO
Search the major Article Directories for all the best articles based on your money keywords NO
Search all the Blogs and Forums for ever topics related to your money keywords. NO
Search the major RSS directories and find you the most relevant RSS feeds related to your money keywords. NO
Search YouTube for all the videos related to your money keywords. NO
Search the major Podcast Directories for Podcasts related to your money keywords. NO
Search Wikipedia  for all the most up to date information relating to you money keywords NO


This is a massive list of benefits Money Keyword Finder offers you, which really proves.......


..........Money Keyword Finder is the best and most advanced automated keyword research tool currently available on the market.


But there's one benefit we haven't touched on too much....

You see…  not only will Money Keyword Finder find highly profitable keywords to help your make more money, but......

it will also save you countless hours on keyword research.

After all, your TIME is extremely valuable too.


Ask Yourself:  How Many Hours Do You

Currently Spend On Keyword Research?


Honestly, how long does all that take you with any of the conventional keyword tools?


One day?


Three days?


Five days?


And  when you've finally finished, you hope like heck that you've chosen the 'right' keywords that will bring you in the most money.


And if you get it wrong, what happens then?


I'll tell you what.....'re screwed...worse than you'll ever know!


With Money Keyword Finder You Can Do All Of Those Steps In 6 Minutes!

Just enter one keyword… and -- eight clicks later -- you’ve got an entire keyword blueprint done for you in under ten minutes.


Now let me ask you… how much is your time – and sanity – worth to you?


Let’s say your time is worth $30 an hour (and it should be).


30 hours of research at $30 is $900 spent on keyword research… that might pay off (but if you missed just one crucial step, it could be a complete waste of time).


So Money Keyword Finder can save you $900 on every site you put up from now on… and ensure your website is targeting the most profitable keywords you can easily rank for.


I’m sure you’ll agree: you could spend those 30 hours on something more important. Right!

Like creating content. Or improving your product. Or… Not staring at your computer!

So we’re in agreement: Money Keyword Finder can save you time, money and your sanity.


OK Glen, So How Much Is This Gonna Cost Me?


You and I both know that finding profitable keywords to rank for is the foundation for your whole business.


Let’s face it: you can nail every part of your business: you can have a dynamite product, high- quality content, a market in need of your product… but…  without choosing the right keywords…


.....No one will even know your website exists.

That’s why some top keyword tools can charge $67 a month (over $750 a year) and more.

But don’t worry:  You will never be charged a monthly fees for Money Keyword Finder.



To be as fair as possible, here's what I've





I thought very seriously about charging $97 for this one-of-a-kind keyword research software, but I was suddenly jolted back to reality when a colleague reminded me that many small marketers, who really needed this type of tool, were doing it really though, and $ 97 was a big ask for them.


And he was dead right......


So straight away I threw out the idea of pricing the software at $97.


Instead I've decided to do something I may quickly come to regret.....because I'm going to release a very limited number of Money Keyword Finder licenses for an almost insane.... $37(that's $60 less than the real price)


And just in case you're wondering......


....YES - $37 is a ONE-TIME only price (no ongoing charges  - EVER)




....YES - You get the 'Premium' version of 'Money Keyword Finder'



But I'm done yet...






 A Second ‘Money Keyword Finder' License:(Value: - $97)


That' s right.....for a very limited time, when you order your  Money Keyword Finder’  license now for just $37, I'll also allow you to set up a SECOND license for FREE.


That second licence will allow you to install the  Money Keyword Finder’ software onto any additional PC. (you could install one copy on your laptop,  and the second copy your desktop). It's up to you.



I'm putting a strict limit on this ' FAST ACTION BONUS', so I will be pulling it down soon without any warning.

So, if want secure a second license for FREE, then you need to order before you leave this page, because if you come back here later, and this bonus is gone, I don't want you come back complaining to me.

You've been  warned...Fair enough!





So how many licenses and I making available at the give-away price of ...$37?


Well, to be honest...I don't know yet....


I'm just going to see how things go for a while. Then I'll decide.


But you'll know quickly, because if you can see a 'GREEN' box below that says.....  - OPEN - To Save $60 On Your Money Keyword Finder (PLUS Bonus Second License)  - Now Only  $37......then you're in luck, and you can secure your license right now.


But if you see a  'RED' box below that says...SORRY  -  All  $37 License Quotas Have Been Sold Out  ........then unfortunately, you will have to wait until I release the next quota of licenses. ( WARNING: when the next quota of licenses are released, the price will be increased)



 - OPEN -

  To Save $60 On Your 'Money Keyword Finder' License (PLUS Bonus Second License)  Now Only - $97...  ... $37




To make your decision as easy as possible, I’m removing all the risk by offering you an unheard of Money - Back Guarantee.....



Look, you’ve got two choices here.

Either you continue to waste your precious time chasing keywords you “might” be able to rank for… and which “might” pay off…

… or you can take action now… and have your first set of profitable keywords – in around ten minutes.

That’s right: in ten minutes you’ll have your entire keyword blueprint laid out for you in an easy-to-understand format.

You'll no longer have to sit there in confusion… staring at all that complex and meaningless data desperately trying to figure out which keywords are POISON… and which are the undiscovered GOLDMINES.

You’ll know – with absolute certainty – WHERE the money-makers are and how EASY they are to rank for.

All in just eight clicks.

If you're still not sure, and you have some unanswered questions, then you get all the answers on the FAQ Page.



So, Just Finally, Lets Look At This Again....



Who SHOULD Invest In 'Money Keyword Finder'

Who SHOULD NOT Invest In Money Keyword Finder


Newbie internet marketers who have had a total gut-full of spending hours trying to figure out complicated keyword tools, and just want to own a keyword tool that they can trust to always give them the 'right' keywords with the most money making potential, without the stress and hassles all those other keyword tools put them through.



SEO experts who live and breath analyzing keyword data for themselves or for clients. (SEO experts will be bored with Money Keyword Finder)


Novice internet marketers who have been struggling to make money online, and who want to spend all their time on tasks that actually put money in the bank, instead of wasting their time on the keyword research tasks, where they have no confidence they can make the 'right' keyword choices!



Experienced internet marketers who let others do their keyword research for them (if you've got enough money to let others spend hours doing keyword research for you, then you don't need this)


So now we've cleared all that up, the next step is up to you.....


To lock in your own Money Keyword Finder license and bonus second license for just ...$37

all you have to do is Click the 'Add To Cart' button below......






YES Glen!...  I'm hooked! I want to start making my keyword research quicker, easier, trouble free and more profitable, starting today. So please send me the Money Keyword Finder software right away.

I understand that as Warrior Forum member I'm entitled to the special price of just $97...$37

I also understand that I will OWN the Money Keyword Finder software, and never have to pay any membership fees or other ongoing fees at any time in the future.

 I'll also receive UNLIMITED upgrades & UPDATES to the 'Money Keyword Finder' software. 

SPECIAL FAST ACTION BONUS: A secondMoney Keyword Finder' software license. (value $97)


To get the Money Keyword Finder  software in your hands within the next few minutes (including everything I've mentioned above) for the special one-time investment of...$37 just click that 'ADD TO CART' button below right away.


Sorry but Money Keyword Finder Is Temporarily Unavailable


NOTE: Money Keyword Finder is a  PC based software application only. Sorry not for MACS unless you have MAC / Window emulation software like 'Parallels'





To your newfound success with keywords


P.S.:  If you’re fed up with second guessing yourself and your tired of trying to understand all those other complicated and user UNFRIENDLY keyword tools … I urge you to take action and get started now. It will definitely be the smartest decision you ever make.

P.P.S: You’ve got nothing to lose here... try it out for 30 days from today… if you’re not completely blown away by how easy Money Keyword Finder makes your life, you’ll receive an immediate refund.






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